John Wayne auction project

"The Personal Property of John Wayne" was a live and online auction held in LA in October 2011. I was the lead art director for an aggressive marketing campaign by Heritage Auctions; it included multiple direct marketing mailings, a cover story in the Intelligent Collector magazine, a massive print advertising campaign including full page ads in the LA Times and NY Times, a special edition DVD, and a 344-page, 4-color, perfect-bound catalog that was also offered in a numbered hardbound edition with dust jacket, signed by John Wayne's son, Ethan. The auction contained 745 lots, realized more than $5.3 million in sales, and is considered to be Heritage's most successful single celebrity auction to date.

Hardbound with dust jacket and tipped-in limited edition plate, signed by John Wayne's son, Ethan
The auction contained 745 lots of John Wayne's personal property and realized more than $5.3 millionĀ on October 6, 2011.
Promotional marketing for the auction included the cover, a 22-page feature article, pull-out poster, and a full-page ad in the Summer/Fall 2011 issue of the Intelligent Collector.
Auction highlights brochure, special edition DVD, and full-page NY Observer ad
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